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Breathe better, Perform better, Live better 

Improve your breathing to reduce stress, boost your performance and enhance your health

Many people have inefficient breathing patterns, but are unaware of it. Modern sedentary lifestyles, diet, poor posture, stress, many health conditions, as well as genetics, can influence how we breathe. Chronic over-breathing is very common, but can contribute to poor mental and physical health, can exacerbate existing health conditions/injuries, can affect a child's craniofacial development, and an athlete's sports performance. Poor breathing patterns can lead to excessive breathlessness during daily activities and/or during physical exercise, or your symptoms may be more subtle but are affecting your wellbeing and performance at work or during sport.

If you over-breathe, you inhale more air than the body needs and exhale too much carbon dioxide. This alters the levels of natural gases in the blood, reduces oxygen delivery to our cells and organs, including the brain, and constricts our blood vessels and airways.  

The good news is that we can re-train our breathing to adopt healthier, more efficient breathing patterns! As a Butyeko Instructor and Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor, I can help you improve your health, sleep or sports performance through better breathing. 

Are you from one of the following groups?
  • A woman in the Peri-to-Post Menopause years who is struggling with symptoms, wants to explore natural approaches (with or without HRT) to ease this transition

  • An athlete who wants to find that competitive edge to enhance their performance, or an athlete who feels they get too breathless despite their fitness level

  • Anyone who breathes through their mouth at times during the day and when sleeping, including children

Menopause Years

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Better Health

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