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Online Webinars

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"Breathe Better to Swim Better"
4 week online webinar
1st, 15th, 29th February & 7th March 2024 
09:30-11:30 (UK time)
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This course is aimed at all levels of pool swimmers, open water swimmers and triathletes. 


If you feel that you are not improving your performance in events or during your routine swim training sessions, despite working on technique and fitness, your breathing may be holding you back. You may feel that your breathing during swimming is fine, but have you ever considered how you breathe most of the time (on land)? This will directly impact how well we oxygenate our body, how well we can focus on swim cues, how quickly we recover during a swim session or afterwards. The way we breathe also affects the quality of our sleep, our state of mind and our general health.


We can also use our breath to prepare our bodies for exercise before getting in the water to sharpen the mind and at the same time feel a sense of calm. If we get breathless during a swim session, we can use breathing exercises to recover quickly, instead of standing at the end of the lane hyperventilating. We can do inspiratory muscle strength training to improve our core stability and posture which is key to efficient swimming.


Our daily breathing patterns are not usually addressed in swim/triathlon training or other sports, however, most people have some level of dysfunctional breathing which will affect their performance.

In this course you will have your own breathing patterns assessed and be given a programme of breathing exercises (based on the Oxygen Advantage technique) to fit into your daily lives and exercise routine to help optimise your mental and physical wellbeing and your swim performance.


The first part of the course will look at your daily functional breathing during rest, sleep and light physical movement. We will then progress to learn how to simulate high altitude training to maximise oxygen uptake and delivery, reduce lactic acid build up and improve endurance. 

You will have access to audio recordings and written resources of all the breathing exercises and swim sets covered in the course, including recordings of all the zoom classroom sessions. All course attendees will be invited to attend this course in the future if they wish, as there is a lot of information to take in and after practising for a few months, it can be really helpful to refresh your knowledge.

Wendy Harrison, UK

"I would describe the course as eye opening, thought provoking and probably life changing. I have learnt so much in such a short amount of time. Lots to work on which I find an exciting prospect. Thanks you both so much for such a valuable and enjoyable course."

Cath Crosby, UK

"Thank you both. Amazing course. I feel my breath is so much calmer and controlled. Need to improve my BOLT score but it has improved since the start by about 7 seconds. I'm pleased with that. Great resources to go back over too."

Kath Lambert, UK

"Really well presented. Great value. Good balance of theory and practical. 

I know I was a pretty silent participant but that's because I was thinking. It was all really thought provoking. 

Thank you both so much for a very well run course." 

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