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Having had sub-optimal breathing for most of my life, and having found a way to improve how I breathe on a daily basis and during sport, I am now passionate about helping others to enhance their breathing. 


As a swimming instructor and open water swim coach at Weightless Swimming, the most frequent request I get is to help people breathe more easily when swimming. Getting out of breath quite quickly is not always due to poor swim technique, but can be a symptom of dysfunctional breathing. This needs addressing with land-based breathing exercises before the benefits translate to their swimming.

Training as an Oxygen Advantage Instructor has given me the knowledge and skills to assess swimmers' and triathletes' functional breathing and help them optimise their performance through more efficient breathing and using exercises to simulate altitude training.

I am also a certified Buteyko Instructor. This approach is aimed at people with respiratory or other health conditions, such as asthma, anxiety, sleep apnea, or anyone who thinks they could improve their breathing for better health.