“ I found the Breathing work that I did with Marianne a very positive experience on several levels. Firstly it helped hugely with my breathing whilst swimming both in the pool and cold water. It helps me manage my breathing in a way that keeps my energy levels more constant and at a maintainable level. I also notice that on a day to day basis if I am stressed or at all anxious, being more conscious of my breathing and knowing how to control it better has a great calming effect. It's very easy to build in the breathing work around everyday routines so wasn’t at all difficult to put in to practice. I would definitely recommend it."  

- Jane Smith, East Sussex, 2020

"Marianne really helped me to become much more aware of my breath through various exercises and her coaching. Stress levels have always affected my breathing pattern, so to have some practical tools to manage this has been very helpful. My nose used to be constantly blocked, but it is much clearer now that I have learned the benefits of nasal breathing instead of mouth breathing. I also feel more in control of my breath whilst exercising."

- Lara Newton, West Sussex, 2020