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"'Marianne is knowledgeable and passionate about enabling others to develop their health and well-being, which includes learning efficient breathing techniques.  Marianne has taught my daughter a variety of approaches to control her breathing, which has helped my 10-year-old learn to regulate her emotions and develop her attention and concentration skills.  Marianne has excellent communication skills and she is able to work effectively with both children and adults, adapting her language and approach to meet individual needs.' 

- Michelle Francis (1-2-1 child and parent online 2023)

"What a fab course and a fantastic experience. I'm hooked now and can't wait for my next cold water experience. Thank you Marianne and Aldo for a great course. I can't recommend it highly enough. It also helped having lovely course members too."


- Anne Oliver (Workshop 2023)

"It was so interesting and really enjoyable. Looking forward to practising the techniques. Thank you Marianne and Aldo for a great workshop".


 - Saskia Birtwell (Workshop 2023)

"Thanks for a great course. I learnt so much about how I'm breathing wrong and I'm looking forward to trying some exercises at home. I hope it helps with sleep and anxiety. I feel completely rejuvenated by the winter swim. I'll definitely try this again as I'm already convinced of the benefits."


- Ben Marshall (Workshop 2023)

"What I learnt from Marianne about breathing, the scientific background and then the very easy steps to take in order to improve my physical and mental wellbeing, a little every day, has literally turned my life around (and made me easier to live with, I hope!). The all-pervasive anxiety caused by long-term illness and several sad and lonely deaths in the family has lifted, because I can now just stop and use these breathing techniques wherever I am, so I have regained balance, perspective and confidence. Having always been quite fit, doing martial arts, running, yoga, I had not noticed how I had slipped into rather a dark space through self-isolating and having to do my stressful job from home, until it was nearly too late. I couldn't walk up an incline without getting out of breath. I am now swimming outdoors again, am enjoying cold water immersion and winter swimming, which is much nicer than just taking cold showers if done in beautiful natural surroundings and in the company of non-judgemental like-minded people! Plus I am able to quickly deal with breathing difficulties due to allergic and stress-induced asthma. Since my job involves public speaking, the positive snowball effects abound!"

- Sabine S (1-2-1 face-to-face, 2022)

"I loved it. So informative and was revitalising...thanks so much".


 - Rachel Gilmore (Workshop 2023)


I attended the one day Breathe for Resilience workshop as I was struggling with my breathing since having covid and a pulmonary embolism last year. The day was wonderful. We learned about the mechanics of breathing, how to breathe for better health and well-being, and we practiced some exercises. I realised just how dysfunctional my breathing was but could feel the difference over the course of the day. Marianne held the space beautifully, the atmosphere was light and friendly, and we covered a lot of information but at a nice pace. We had a lovely mindfulness walk followed by lunch, and then cold dip which I had been dreading but actually really enjoyed. I really enjoyed the day and would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to have better breathing. My breathing and general health have been son much better since the workshop. I couldn't believe the difference it made to my running, which I've been doing recently to try and help. I felt 20 again! I hope you continue to run these workshops as you are changing lives! Thank you Marianne and team!"

Anna Pearce (Workshop, 2022)

"Many thanks Marianne !!! Aldo, that was a great soup! Perfect for a cold dip !!! We couldn't wait to implement your tips, so tonight we did a 5k run and didn't breathe once with our mouth, ok that was slow...but we will get there!"


- Jean-Michel & Hilary (Workshop, 2022)

"As the oldest member of the course, may I share some thoughts? Everybody knows how to breathe, right? Wrong. Although infants instinctively know how, we gradually modify our breathing patterns making it apparently easier, but in fact less efficient. Marianne's course was very practical, avoiding junk science, and it corresponds with my own experience in high altitude aviation. The course showed the way to breathe more efficiently, thereby making it a habit, so that it becomes automatic. The various exercises that we did demonstrated this clearly. The cold water immersion (for those who wished) showed how to control the instinctive reactions that can cause hyperventilation. All in all, a very worthwhile course useful to anybody at any level. And Aldo's soup was fabulous!"    

- Hugh Sidgewick (Workshop, 2022)

"The work with Marianne has been transformational for me. I've found that I am breathing more easily and using my diaphragm. I can exercise more efficiently, and am even standing and holding myself differently. I am calmer, and better able to focus. I am also managing some very difficult life situations (both professional and personal) much more effectively and calmly than before. In fact, I am not sure how I would have coped with these challenges without the work I've done with Marianne. Her sessions are informative and fun, the exercises useful, well paced and easy to follow, and I am so grateful to have started this process. I look forward to continuing to progress working with Marianne."

- Tracey Jones (1-2-1 online, 2022)

“I found the Breathing work that I did with Marianne a very positive experience on several levels. Firstly it helped hugely with my breathing whilst swimming both in the pool and cold water. It helps me manage my breathing in a way that keeps my energy levels more constant and at a maintainable level. I also notice that on a day to day basis if I am stressed or at all anxious, being more conscious of my breathing and knowing how to control it better has a great calming effect. It's very easy to build in the breathing work around everyday routines so wasn’t at all difficult to put in to practice. I would definitely recommend it."  

- Jane Smith (1-2-1 face to face, 2020)


"Marianne really helped me to become much more aware of my breath through various exercises and her coaching. Stress levels have always affected my breathing pattern, so to have some practical tools to manage this has been very helpful. My nose used to be constantly blocked, but it is much clearer now that I have learned the benefits of nasal breathing instead of mouth breathing. I also feel more in control of my breath whilst exercising."

- Lara Newton (1-2-1 face to face, 2020)

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