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1-2-1 Follow Up Package

Block book 3 follow up sessions for a discount.

  • 3 hours
  • £150
  • Garden Close

Service Description

This 1-2-1 follow up package of 3 sessions (anywhere between 60-90 minutes long) is suitable for anyone who has had an Initial Assessment already, either as a standalone session or part of the Introductory package. In each session we will review your progress, check you are doing the exercises correctly and alter your programme as your breathing improves. You are sent a summary of what was covered after each session and audio recordings and summary sheets of the breathing exercises to remind you what and how to practice. Changing breathing habits takes times and needs guidance, and this 3 session package offers you more than a 10% discount, compared to booking individual sessions, which you can use over a 3 month period. Poor breathing patterns can affect your sleep, focus, energy, digestion, mental state, recovery and sports performance. In addition to this, if you suffer from asthma, anxiety/panic disorder/racing mind, unexplained breathlessness or breathlessness during sport despite being quite fit, then you may have some level of dysfunctional breathing. Improving your breathing using Buteyko Method breathing exercises can significantly improve your general health and a lot of chronic health conditions (long COVID, diabetes, epilepsy, menopause/hormone issues, high blood pressure, insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring, pain and mobility issues, etc.). If you are an athlete, learning to improve your breathing and simulate high altitude training using Oxygen Advantage techniques could optimise your sports performance. You learn to strengthen your core by using your diaphragm properly which contributes to better functional movement. You learn warm up breathing exercises to improve your focus and concentration and prepare your body for exercise.

Contact Details

  • 2 Garden Close, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 4JS, UK


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