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Optimise Your Performance through Breathing
Male Runner Nose Breathing

Breathe for Performance


Book a Workshop for your sports club members/coaches

From a single session to multiple sessions over a number of months, or a half day workshop

These performance workshops are suitable for healthy adults/athletes who want to boost their sports performance and general health.

These workshops are perfect for swimmers, runners and triathletes, but efficient breathing is relevant in any sport.


In these workshops we will spend some time on healthy functional breathing patterns and then learn how to simulate high altitude training. These breathing techniques help oxygenate your body better for more energy and endurance, reduce lactic acid build up and fatigue, speed up recovery, calm the mind, improve your focus and concentration and your sleep.


Functional breathing concerns your everyday breathing. The way you breathe at rest influences the way you breathe during physical exercise and sleep. You will get the chance to practice some functional breathing exercises to ensure you know how to breathe efficiently before we move onto simulating high altitude training. 


Simulating high altitude training is a positive stressor on the body to force it to make adaptations and involves medium to strong breath holds with physical exercise. We incorporate some jogging/running in this workshop, so some experience of running (any speed) is advised but not essential. We will look at how you can incorporate these breathing exercises into your current training/daily life schedule.


To work on your mental and physical resilience, we can also include a cold water dip in this workshop.​


Marianne is a Certified Buteyko Instructor and an Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor. Both techniques teach people to breathe more efficiently in their daily lives. The Oxygen Advantage takes this into sports performance and the workplace. She is also a Cold Water Therapy Practitioner.


Aldo is an open water lifeguard and a Cold Water Swimming/Exposure expert who will teach you how to acclimatise safely, so no prior experience is necessary.


Following the workshop, you will have access to audio recordings and summaries of the breath work exercises we covered so you can continue to practice these in your daily life. We want you to go away from this workshop with a set of tools to continue using to improve your health and performance for the rest of your life. 

* We are sorry, but this course is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant at any stage, has unregulated high/low blood pressure or any serious health condition. If you are unsure, please contact us before booking.


We can come and run a workshop at your venue around East Grinstead or Ashdown Forest area, or we can offer a venue in East Grinstead to hold a workshop.

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