I'm currently working with people via ZOOM, but once social distancing restrictions are lifted, I will start seeing clients and running workshops face-to-face in East Grinstead in West Sussex or at my pool near Uckfield in East Sussex. 

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Introduction to Better Breathing


In this 90 minute introductory session we look at the science behind breathing and the multiple mental, emotional and physical benefits that can result from improving your breathing. We look at your personal goals and why you want to improve your breathing (e.g. for health or sports performance).

We then explore your current breathing so you learn to tune into your body and become more aware of how you breathe. Awareness is the first step to addressing your breathing.

We will also assess your breathing in a number of ways to give us an idea of how efficient your breathing is. We then discuss an appropriate breathing programme for the following weeks/months. 

If you are not sure about block booking a number of sessions or a package, this introductory session will highlight why efficient breathing is so important for general health as well as for sport. 

For more information and pricing, please contact me.

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 1-2-1 Breathing Coaching

The 90 minute Introductory breathing session teaches you how breathing works, what constitutes dysfunctional breathing. what the benefits of functional breathing are, etc. 


We will have assessed your current breathing and highlighted any dysfunctional aspects in that first session. 

Following the Introductory session, ongoing hourly sessions then give you the opportunity to learn and practice new breathing exercises correctly and safely over a number of weeks or months. 

Depending on your goals and your state of health, appropriate and safe exercises will be given to you. If you have no serious medical conditions and are looking to improve sports performance, you will be taught how to improve your functional everyday breathing, and then be introduced to simulating high altitude training at rest and during physical exercise. You will also learn how to integrate these into your current training regime/lifestyle.

For more information and pricing, please contact me.

Introduction to Better Breathing Package


This package includes a 90 minute Introductory session and 4 separate ongoing breath work sessions.

For more information and pricing, please contact me

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Block of 5 Breathing Sessions


This block booking is perfect to follow on after an Introductory session, if you would like to continue working on optimising your breathing. 

For more information and pricing, please contact me.

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